Nothing is more beautiful and interesting than the adaption of nature to its environment.  Drawings of nature opens my artistic creations to new possibilities and furthers the complexity of my work.  For years I have focused my aesthetic expression on photography.  With the advent of digital photography and understanding the harmful effects of photographic chemicals on the environment I turned my artistic expression to my first love...drawing.  Working in graphite, color pencil, ink and watercolor expands my artistic discoveries and leads me to to new aesthetic ideas.  


I find that, reminiscent of a photograph emerging from a chemical bath in the darkroom, new forms emerge from the marks on paper bringing life to a blank sheet of paper. Images of nature are included in my recent 2017 exhibition installation, “The Past is Still With Us” an aesthetic response to death, loss and destruction.  The installation is designed of multiple parts with the capacity of being rearranged. Each time a viewer handles a part of the installation it affects the work. The viewers interaction with the elements, connects them as a participant in the exhibitions aesthetic. The physical elements of the installation includes drawings from the, “Stones for an Unknown Grave” series, “Metal and Flesh, Part 1 and Part 2”, barbed wire and additional elements of stone and fabric. This installation is evolving and I continue to further explore this topic.